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Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands

Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Have You Read a Good Book Recently?

An Excellent Book that I Have read recently.

I have read some parts of the draft of this book and heard/witnessed in person portions of Dr Shetty life and achievements, but it was only the other day, that I was able to purchase the published book. It is an inspiring story, typical of a rags to riches story, but it is different because I know this scientist personally and had supervise his work as a Review Chemist in FDA. The book is titled, "World as Seen Under the Lens of A Scientist". Here's a press release and summary of the book published in March 2009 by Xlibris.

Press Release: Witness This Enduring True Story of Redemption and Change!

"Long before he arrived in America, Dr. B. Vithal Shetty experienced racial arrogance and discrimination. Even though he got admitted to the University of Pennsylvania, he had trouble finding a place to live and decency as white people disrespected him for his ethnicity. Along the way, he made constant adjustments in order to move his life forward while striving to earn respect through his close friendship with African Americans. Eventually, the author finally achieved redemption when he became an internationally renowned drug discovery sterling scientist. An engaging look back at Dr. Shetty's life begins with the release of his new book World As Seen Under the Lens of A Scientist: Negro Zero To American Hero Who Changed United States From American Hypocrisy To Greatest Democracy. Find out this unusual, bold, exciting, forthright, factual and fascinating story and critical analysis of the subject matters under the scientific lenses of Dr. B. Vithal Shetty.


The text covers Dr. Shetty's own life time personal experiences both in the United States and in India. Through his thorough investigation and penetration into various aspects of American and Indian democracy, freedom, religion and abuse and misuse of human decency and conflict of interest, readers will learn how he has touched the nerve center of functioning of civil rights, religious rights, gun ownership, single motherhood, caste barrier and discrimination. The contribution of America as the leading nation to awaken the conscious of the world to democratic rights and principles of people everywhere, contribution of ancient civilization of India in every aspects of human development including science, medicine, art, mathematics and modern computer technology by Indian Americans, had been highlighted in this outstanding, outspoken, and inspiring book under the lens of an internationally renowned sterling scientist".

For more information, please visit Xlibris.com or call (888) 795-4274 today.

About the Author

Dr. B. Vithal Shetty was born in Bola Village, a poor Indian village in South Kanara, Karnataka State, India. He grew up as one of the ten members of sisters and brothers in a joint family without much schooling. Because of hardship and difficulties as he was made to graze animals and plough fields, he ran away to Mumbai when he was only about eight years old. Here, he stayed with an old man in a cardboard filthy mud floor hut under a bridge among other poverty stricken people while polishing shoes for a living. Latter, he worked in a run down restaurant washing pots and dishes. Because of his burning ambition to improve himself, he attended a night school while working in the restaurant and learned 3Rs. As he made good progress, his sister and her husband helped him to go to day school, pass Mumbai University high school examination and to go to United States for higher education. He left India for the United States in 1948.

World As Seen Under the Lens of A Scientist * by Dr. B. Vithal Shetty
Negro Zero To American Hero Who Changed United States From American
Hypocrisy To Greatest Democracy
Publication Date: March 23, 2009
Trade Paperback; $23.99; 549 pages; 978-1-4415-0471-5
Cloth Hardback; $34.99; 549 pages; 978-1-4415-0472-2

For more information, contact Xlibris at (888) 795-4274 or on the web at www.Xlibris.com.

Note: Dr Shetty was one of the six chemistry reviewers under my supervision when I was still working for FDA. The proceeds of this book will support a Foundation he had started in the place of his birth in India.
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