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Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands

Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands
View of Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands-Click on photo to link to Marinduque Awaits You

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Want to Own an Island in the Philippines?

If you know your Philippine geography, you probably know that there are over 7,100 islands in the Philippine archipelago. Of these only 100 are populated. The rest are islands varying in area from less than 1000 sq meters or more. These small islands are mostly government owned. But there are small islands privately owned. Once in a while some of these islands are for sale. If you have the money and want to live like a Hermit or a Castaway, this is the time to buy one, so you can say you owned an island.

I know of a relative whose goal in life is to own an island. I told him, owning an island is not easy to achieve, and tried to change his dream to owning a beach house. He still dreamed of owning an island.

In general these islands are isolated and have no running water or electricity. But if it is not far from the mainland, this will not be a major problem. However, you will need a boat or banca ( gasoline powered ) or a sailboat. If you have the money, a speed boat for transportation to your own private island is highly recommended. I assume that if you are ready to buy an island, money is not a problem. If you are not a Filipino citizen, there are legal ways to solve this problem. So, if you are ready to buy an island in Marinduque, let me know via this blog. The prices for an island will ranged from $10,000 to $100,000 depending on the area and location. The photo above is an example of your own very private island in the Philippines.


There are special laws regarding the ownership and development of islands within the Philippines as they are regarded as national assets. By Presidential Proclamation all islands in the Philippines have a Moratorium on their status, this means that if they are currently Tax Declared or Alien and Disposable they can’t be upgraded to Fully titled. The result of this is that there are very few Fully Titled islands in Palawan. Also, no island under 5 hectares may be developed for commercial purposes, although this doesn’t prevent a residence being built there. br />
The same laws which apply to the development of beaches apply to the beaches of an island. Therefore, the surrounding shoreline of an island is the property of the Philippines Government, the owner of an island must apply for a “Foreshore Lease”. This covers the area from the Low Tide mark, to 30 metres from the Low Tide mark.


Impress your friends- Laugh at those back home- Live a healthier lifestyle - Eat a natural diet- Have independence - Live the castaway experience- Beach-comb - Have a slower pace of life - Be self reliant - Live a free life - Isolate yourself - Build an unusual house - Garden - Have sunshine every day - Cool breezes - Be spiritual - Find yourself - Have time alone - Write poetry - Write a book - Be Hedonistic - Cook in the open air - Get a tan - Get naked - Spend time with children - Picnic and climb trees - Indulge in art - Go fishing - Indulge in a hundred water-sports - Camp - Bird-watch - Explore the jungle - See marine life - Cheap holidays for all your friends and family - Be the biggest fish in your pond - Disappear - Make a fresh start - You can rent or resell.

Purchasing an island is THE best form of property investment for the following reasons.

1: “And on the 7th day God stopped making islands!” That’s my little joke, but its true. Islands are THE most limited real estate commodity on the planet. They can’t be created and as the world’s population grows, less and less become available.

2: Many countries prohibit the sale of islands for security or national interest, that means that the available market for islands is even more limited. This makes islands in countries that allow their sale (such as the Philippines) decidedly more valuable.

3: Privacy An island offers the ultimate in privacy. It’s your very own castle, protected by the nature’s own moat. You have the utmost sense of privacy in that you can patrol the boundaries of your little kingdom and see that you are lord of all that you survey.

4: Exclusivity. Theirs is nothing that can match the exclusivity of an island. An island by its very nature excludes and keeps out others. But it’s more exclusive in the sense of being special. What do many people do upon gaining great wealth? Buy their own island. From the Roman Emperor Tiberius’ island of Capri, to Hollywood’s stars of today, every person of wealth or celebrity dreams of owning their own island.

5: Safety: Again, the very nature of the island, being surrounded by water, gives you the additional safety of being able to keep out those who may threaten the safety of you or your family.

6: Romanticism: There is nothing more romantic, or idealistic than the dream of owning your own island. It’s the dream of every little boy (and some not so little) to run away to some island and live like Peter Pan, and the Lost Boys. Buying an island is an emotional, not a rational decision, and that’s why they sell so well.

7: Unique: Each island is unique. Like a woman they are all beautiful and have their own unique characters and appeal. Also each island has it’s own name and history. They are unlike any other form of property in that they are entire unto themselves.

8: Prestige: There is no more prestigious property in the world than a private island. A Castle on the Rhine, Private Villa in Bali, Mansion in Beverly Hills, Pied a Tierre in Paris, they all pale in comparison to the prestige of having your very own Private Island. Also buying owning your own island the universal law of most countries is that you can rename the island whatever you want. What better than naming the island after you wife or daughter? Or after yourself for that matter?

9: An island is never liable to property of boundary disputes with neighbors, it’s boundaries are clearly delineated by it’s shoreline. This is the time to turn your fantasy into reality.
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