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Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands

Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Six Delightfully Named Places in US and other Parts of the World

1. No Name, Colorado
150 miles west of Denver along I-70 lies a tiny little town that people were too lazy to bother naming. Therefore, it is simply called No Name, Colorado. Population: a whopping 123.

2. Boring, Oregon
This is one of those unfortunate towns named after some old dude (W. H. Boring…really), long before the old dude’s name came to mean something else in the English language. Or at least, we’re going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that “boring” didn’t mean then what it does today. Otherwise that’s just stupid.

3. Hell, Michigan, which is about 15 miles from Ann Arbor, has been around for a long time. There are two predominant theories as to the origin of it’s unique name, and both are stupid. One theory holds that some German travelers were overheard saying “so schön hell” (“so beautifully bright”), so some stupid locals started calling it Hell. The other theory posits that, when the founder was asked what to call the town, he said “I don’t care. You can name it Hell for all I care.” So they did. Like I said, stupid theories.

4. Anus, France
If anyone in this little medieval town had a sense of humor or entrepreneurial spirit, they’d be selling “I Heart Anus (France)” t-shirts by the side of the road.

Fucking, Austria
5. Fucking, Austria
In 1070 this town was called Vucchigen. It was called Fukching in 1303, Fugkhing by 1532 and, finally, Fucking by the 1900s. So you see, it took a long, long time for the German language to evolve to the point where “Fucking, Austria” became totally hilarious. Today, the sign at the entrance of town is the most sought-after object d’art for Americans backpacking through Europe (because it looks sweet on dorm walls).

Bald Knob, Arkansas
6. Bald Knob, Arkansas
Coming in at #6 is Bald Knob, Arkansas. With a population of 3,210, this metropolis dwarfs the previous two poorly-named municipalities. I wonder what residents of this town call themselves—Bald Knobbers? Bald Knobbians? Bald Knobbites? Whatever it is, I bet it sounds dirty.

Besides the above six, I have posted short articles on Intercourse, PA, French Lick, Indiana and Dildo, Newfoundland, Canada.
I hope I made your day! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Note: This is #5 to #10 of a series of articles on delightfully named places in US and other parts of the world.
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