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Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands

Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Feeling Very Rich Today-Income Tax Day

Macrine, Ditas, David III and Me- Photo Taken during Ditas 50th Birthday Party. Note at the two of Ditas paintings in the background.

Macrine and I woke up this morning very happy and feeling very rich. For this we thank Thee Lord!

Very Rich not in the sense of dollars or pesos, but because we are still Alive today and enjoying life! As a member of the octogenarian club, you will never know when I will conked out in this planet Earth. It could be days or months and perhaps years if I am lucky, but for today, Macrine and I will enjoy life to the fullest.

To those of you who have been following my blogs and FaceBook chatter, you probably know that Macrine has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease about two years ago. With Parkinson your quality of life varies. There are days when Macrine could hardly walk in the morning, and there are days when she is ready to go to the Casino or a trip to the Philippines.

Her symptoms are controlled by medications, but the side effects of her medications are unpredictable.

Therefore, today when she told me she felt rich and happy I was ecstatic. I ask her then that we celebrate the day.

So our morning started with me cooking her favorite breakfast of scramble eggs, fried rice and spiced Portuguese sardines. Our lunch was just a simple chicken salad sandwich with leche flan( milk custard)and buko pandan ice cream from the Pinoy grocery store as our desserts.

What will we have for dinner for the finale of the day? I remember on her recent birthday David and I took her out to Red Lobster. She was so happy that day, I will never forget the smile in her face after the delicious lobster meal.

At about 3PM after her medication, Macrine was getting tired. I decided to call Red Lobster, if they have Take Out Service. Indeed they have. So I ordered our dinner via phone. In 20 to 30 minutes, it will be ready for pick up and no waiting.

Ordering dinner in the restaurants is not new to me. Sometimes I feel lazy cooking. Five days during the week, there are only the two of us, since David works in the afternoon shift. Cooking for two is not that easy and economical. So ordering our meals from nearby restaurants make sense. I have ordered dinner meals from Olive Garden (Italian), El Tapacio (Mexican), Sechuan Garden(Chinese), Pho I( Vietnamese) and from Fish and Chips. Today however was my first Take Out Dinner from Red Lobster.

I expect this order to be more costly and expensive compared to the other restaurants. But today I am feeling very rich and I assure myself that we can not take our money when we die, so why not spend it and enjoy it.

Here's what I ordered:

The Lobster Dream Delight Menu which consisted of two Main lobster Tails and a Pasta with Shrimps. The side dishes are wild Rice and broccoli. With the dinner includes a garden salad and 4 dinner rolls. Besides the main dish, I ordered a Bisque Lobster soup( bowl) and for dessert we have Cheese cake with fresh strawberries topping. This was the exact menu that Macrine like during her Birthday dinner last month.

The dinner cost me $48 plus $2 tip to the bartender ( place where I pick up the to go order). After dinner Macrine informed me again, she feel very rich today. I said we will not go to the poor house as long as we do not do this every day. This amount is about double the amount I pay when we order from other restaurants mentioned in the previous paragraph. This amount may be too much for my poor relatives in the Philippines. However, to most of our well to do friends and relatives in the Philippines and here is the US, this is peanuts.

Good Day or Night to All. I hope you feel rich today and celebrate LIFE. Life is short and as they say you can not take your money with you when you die, so spend it while you can.

One final note, speaking of money, today when I checked my Google Adsense account in my blogs I earned 0.53 cents and in my Hubpages account I earned 0.06 cents. Wow, I feel really very rich today, indeed!
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